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Elite Pools understands far too well that a crystal blue pool doesn’t stay like that by itself. Someone has to maintain the swimming pool in order for you to enjoy it. Many homeowners try and handle all that’s involved, and some do okay, but the biggest struggle we hear about is the list of chores you need to complete in order to keep a pool sparkling. They find that maintaining the pool hinders a lot of their enjoyment and it quickly becomes a burden rather than a comfort.

Sound familiar? Then you’re probably one of those homeowners and that’s okay! Let’s be honest, who really wants to clean out the leaf canister, vacuum the pool, test chemicals, backwash the filter, clean out the pump basket, add chlorine etc. etc. etc… Having a pool is about being able to dive in and enjoy it whenever you want to. It’s about knowing the health and safety of your family isn’t at risk. It equates to peace of mind. When it comes to your pool, that’s exactly what Elite Pools can offer you.

Pool Equipment Repairs

Pool Equipment Repair Replacement

 Have you ever changed the filters in your pool equipment? Do you know what type of filtration system you have…DE grids, cartridge elements or sand filter? It’s not that cleaning or changing your filters is rocket science but it might as well be if you’ve never done it before or simply don’t have the tools to do the job correctly. Don’t let something that should be quick and easy turn into a costly nightmare. Just call the team at Elite Pools and have it done right the first time. 

Tile Cleaning



Our swimming pool tile cleaning is safe on ALL SURFACES! Using harsh chemicals can permanently damage the fragile finish on your pool tile and pebble tec surface. We DO NOT use harsh chemicals. Our modern dustless blasting ensures that your tiles will look like new with no chemical damage.

Our tile cleaning service provides an environmentally safe and highly effective way to remove unwanted calcium build up, leaving the surface in its original pristine and vibrant condition. Protect your backyard investment by putting your trust in us.

  Pool Tile Cleaning Benefits:

· ECO friendly: No harsh chemicals. We use bead blasting to clean tiles. 

· Removes calcium buildup (also called calcification).

· Pool tile sealing to prevent future calcium build-up.

· No need to drain your pool.

· Trust Elite Pools as your number one choice for your pool tile cleaning needs!

Pool Inspections

Pool Inspection

A properly inspected pool can save Hundreds to Thousands of dollars. In many cases, problems with equipment can't be seen.  And some home inspection companies WILL NOT correctly diagnose or provide in-depth analysis to equipment problems.  We strongly advise realtors and potential home buyers to have a thorough pool inspection.

Our pool inspection service covers many different categories including information on filters, pumps, heaters, water chemistry, cleaning system, lighting, above ground electrical, above ground plumbing and hydraulics, timers, pool surface and tile, and miscellaneous.

Underwater Repairs

Underwater Pool Repair

We work without draining your pool!  Draining a pool in order to perform leak repairs or cracked swimming pool repair can be a big hassle, and it can cause additional damage. At Elite Pools, we specialize in performing underwater pool repair. No draining needed!
Whether you need Rust stain removal, Crack Repairs, Pop-up Extraction & Replacement, Calcium Nodule Replacement, Pebble Repair or Delaminated Plaster Surface, Elite Pools certified divers will figure the best repair service for you.

Plaster Repair


We can repair damaged pool finishes of all types. Most repairs can be performed & completed without draining your pool.